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2019 Soccer Season

Welcome to the Hart Rec soccer program.  Rec is anticipating another exciting year for youth soccer!  Please take the time to read the information below as we get you ready to prepare for our 2019 soccer season.

The Hart Rec soccer program is open to children in preschool (age 4 by Nov 1st, 2018) through 6th grade.  U15 boys and girls (born 2004/05), U17 boys (born 2002/2003) and U20 boys (born 1999-2001) is travel soccer through the Great Lakes Co-Ed Soccer league.

Registration Fee: $20.00 per child.  Add $20.00 per child if living outside of the Hart Area.

Register and sign up online: website:

Information that you will need when signing up: a primary email address, insurance policy carrier, policy number, correct township that you live in and your child’s shirt size. It is important to know the correct township because your township pays a portion of your child’s participation fee.  REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS MARCH 1ST, NO LATE SIGNUPS WILL BE ACCEPTED!


If internet is not available or if you would like to pay cash, signups will also be available during Spitler Elementary school conferences, February 20th and February 21st, 4-7pm.  The Rec commissioner would like to meet you and would be able to answer any questions you may have! 

We need soccer coaches! If you are interested, please indicate during registration that you’re interested in volunteering.  A coach’s meeting and training will be scheduled the week before Spring Break.

 Dates to remember:                                                     

-Soccer Clinic - Saturday, April 6th.  Yes, the clinic is after Spring Break!

-Practices will begin the week after Spring Break.       

-Game dates: April 13th, April 20th, April 27th, May 4th, May 11th & May 18th.


The Hart Rec Soccer clinic will be held at the Norman E Kuhne Soccer Fields. This will be an opportunity for youth soccer players to develop fundamental skills taught by the Hart High School Soccer programs!

Please plan on attending this clinic! Players registered for the 2019 Rec soccer program will also receive their soccer shirt and receive their game schedule. The children will get their Rec team and individual pictures taken, it is important for them to be there at the scheduled times. 

What to bring: soccer ball, shin guards, water bottle, and tennis shoes.  Your child’s picture form will be sent home from school in March.  Please have pre-filled for the day of the clinic.  Forms will also be available at the clinic.

Questions: please contact Gary Jorissen @ 231-425-0588.


                                   GROUP B - PRESCHOOL AND KINDERGARTEN - 1100am-1230pm

PRESCHOOL & KINDERGARTEN GROUPS - will be notified via EMAIL & their coach.    

                                   1ST AND 2ND GRADES- 1245pm-2:30pm

                                   3RD AND 4TH GRADES- 2:45pm-4:15pm     

                                   5TH THRU 8th GRADES- 4:30pm-6:00pm

BACK UP PLAN FOR BAD WEATHER: The clinic will be held at Hart High School. ***PLEASE WEAR TENNIS SHOES IF INDOORS***



Pre-School / Kindergarden
Co-Ed Teams


Pre-School /Kindergarden Rules
* 6 to 8 players on a team 4 players on a field
* No Goal Keeper and No Goal Tending
* Four 10 min quarters, 2 min b/w quarters, 5 min halftime.
* No penalty kicks.
* Coaches on field during game act as referees and coach kids.
* Coaches to promote play and flow.
* Coaches to teach mostly ball control/handling & proper throw-ins.
* Last week of practice go over positions and passing.
* Size 3 soccer ball

1st & 2nd Grades
Co-Ed Teams

1st & 2nd Grade Rules

* 12 to 13 players on a team. 8 players on field (7 plus goalie)
* No offside calls. But coach should try to teach it.
* No "cherry picking" Even though offsides won't be called if another team purposely puts a player "parked" in front of goal, then ref should stop play and explain to coach/team.
* Coaches should be teaching above plus positions and passing.
* Centerline check in
* Coach's must remain in box.
* No slide tackle
* Front toe cleats prohibited.
* Size 3 soccer ball

3rd & 4th Grades

Boys & Girls Teams

3rd & 4th Grade Rules

* Offsides will be called
* 12 to 13 players on a team - 8 players on field (7 plus goalie)
* All players must play at least 1/2 of each half.
* Medium field with medium goals (approx. 25x50)
* Two 20 minute halves - 5 min halftime.
* Coaches must rotate players in during their possesion of the ball throw in. Must yell "subs" to ref and wait for refs to waive them in. Needs to be quick exchange.
* No slide tackles
* Heading is aloud
* Centerline check in
* Coach's must remain in box.
* Front toe cleats prohibited
* Size 4 soccer ball

5th & 6th Grades

Boys & Girls Teams

5th & 6th Grade Rules
* 15 to 16 players on a team - 11 players on field (10 plus goalie)
* Some schools that we play may have less on field. We would have to match what they do.
* Large field with large goals.
* Two 30 min halves - 5 minute half time.
* Subs must check in at the half line.
* Feet planted on all throw ins.

* Coaches to start to assign players to positions. Teach strategies, proper passing (triangles), defensive, strategies, goal/corner kicks, as well as continue to emphasize fundamentals.
* Front toe cleats prohibited.
* Size 5 soccer ball

Required Equipment
All players on all levels must wear shin guards. Shin guards are also required to be covered with a sock. Shoes should not have a forward toe cleat. No metal spikes or cleats. No screw cleats. Soccer cleats are recommended because they do help with control and decreases slipping. All players are required to have a ball. See Ball size requirement listed above for each grade level.

We must remember that it does not matter who wins or loses. We are teaching - not winning. If we teach right now, the winning will come later. Referees for all games will be high school students that play high school soccer. They will miss calls. The referee does not care who wins or loses. They are helping support our communities and develop young athletes. It is expected that coaches, parents and players treat them with respect. If you have concerns about a referee bring it to your the Soccer Director's attention.

Cancellation of Games

It will be up to the HOST site Director to cancel any games scheduled that day. Host site Director will be responsible to contact coaches of both teams. A game will be cancelled no later than 1 hour prior to the scheduled start of a game. Only exception for a game being cancelled less than 1 hour prior to start will be lighting or SEVERE weather. Please remember it is spring in Michigan and we play in the elements, including rain.

Direction to Hart Rec Soccer fields
3986 N. Oceana Drive, Hart, MI  49420. 
It is the site of our county ambulance company and also the District Health Department #10.  Take US 31 to Polk Rd.  Go East to the second stop which will be Oceana Drive.  Go north about 1-2 miles.  Fields are on the East side of the road. Look for the three tiered sign that says, EMS, Health Department and Dental Clinic.